Fantastic Finish Photo Friday – Mrs. First time Tri

Welcome to a special edition of Fantastic Finish Photo Friday. We want to bask in your awesomeness from your finish photos. A finish photo captures a moment in time, where you overcame the challenges of the race and training, and reached your goal. The feeling of elation as you cross the line is what keeps us pushing our own limits. Please consider sharing your own photo to inspire others who are working toward their own finish.

This week’s photo is from Danni Buddenhagen (My Wonderful Wife):

Danni, with myself and our two little volunteers


Danni: Back in February Shawn suggested that I complete in an upcoming Triathlon scheduled for August.  Now, if you know anything about me, then you would know that I do not have an athletic bone in my body.  But, being who I am I was up for the challenge.  So, with August in my not so distant future, I began going to the gym and practicing on the bike.  The swimming is an entirely different story. 

Before I knew it, it was the big day.  Of course, I was nervous, but one thing still sticks in my mind.  While getting my number written on all kinds of body parts, the guy says to me, “Oh, next year you will be in a different category”.   (Um-Yes, he was referring to the age category.)  At that time, I was thinking, yeah right- next year!  But, he was absolutely right. I managed not to drown during my first triathlon and make it to the finish line.  Having my family cheer me on and hand out water at the 2 mile marker was definitely a motivator to keep me going until the end.  I survived, I crossed the finish line and I can’t wait to get even better for next year!  

Danni like many first time triathletes did not have an athletic background before the race. She raced a few 5ks, and did some spin classes. She had not swam any distance and needed develop a freestyle stroke. With that in mind, I wrote up a 8 week training plan for her, and by race day she was well prepared.

There’s no need to wait for proficiency in all three disciplines before signing up for your first race. Find a race you want to try, and build on what you can already do. If you can run or cycle a bit already. Build on those strengths, and work on the weaker sports.

Do you have a photo you would like to share? Don’t be shy, send it to, Please add a quick paragraph of what the photo means to you. Please share and be an inspiration to others.

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