Last but not Least!

If you are first or last, just keep moving. Here’s a great first race report about pushing through.


So, my Olympic distance triathlon, One Coast Tri, is over.
I finished…. Last….Like dead last…. Like they were picking up the cones and arrows last! 94th out of 94 finishers last.
Ha! What an adventure it was! Let me start back from the beginning…. Or at least the night before.

I was nervous but pumped up! I laid out all my stuff, packed my transition bag, triple checked I didn’t forget anything! I was set! Wrote a blog post and went to bed. I actually had a decent nights sleep too!
So I thought. I woke up tired. Really tired. My face hurt and I was stuffed up. The whole week I had battled this sinus crud among other things woman related ( TMI but whatever). Perfect storm of crap. I still woke up excited though! I ate, popped a Zyrtec, grabbed my stuff and we( Ash and Riley) headed…

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