Why First Time Triathlete?

Make a change:

Are you ready to make a change in your life? Would a new challenge with a big goal jump start you into a new life style? Have you thought, I could never complete a triathlon? I say don’t say never, say not right now. With knowledge and some training you can do anything. When we push ourselves past what we thought was possible, that is where we find out who we really are. Lets get started on the process of making you a triathlete, and a better version of yourself.

Racing a triathlon is fulfilling and fun! Triathlon is a fantastic sport build around an even better community.  To keep the sport growing, we need new athletes like you to take on the challenge. For many triathletes, it only took one race for them to become hooked for years or even a lifetime.

Have you dreamed of racing a triathlon, but don’t know where to start?

The learning curve for triathlon can be steep. There are three sports involved, each with their own set of terms and skills. The goal of FTT to to narrow down what you really need to know to finish your first event. We will be your sherpa through your journey from novice to Triathlete.

Are you short on time?

You most likely live a busy life, with work and family obligations. Your time is very valuable. We want to provide the info you need to get training and racing, right away. You could be training and getting fit instead of searching the internet  for hours to answer your questions.


We want to support you throughout your training process. You are taking a risk, and trying something new. Our goal is to get you the info you need to calm your nerves, and boost your confidence.

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