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Happy Holidays, Your feedback would be a great gift.

This was my ugly Xmas sweater

Dear Blog reader,

Happy Holidays! If you were looking for what to give me, your feedback would be a great present.

I started this blog about a year ago to provide information, and motivation for new triathletes. Endurance sports have been part of my lifestyle for years, and I wanted to give something back. I’ve had some life changing accomplishments, and met awesome life long friends through endurance sports. I want to support others so they can get that amazing sense of accomplishment from completing something they though wasn’t possible.

There are many resources that are supposed to be for beginner triathletes, but the information presented can be intimidating. My goal is to break down what the new triathlete needs to know into easily digestible parts. Fear is what holds most people back from trying a triathlon. If I can fill in some of the unknowns that cause the anxiety, then I have done my job.

Over the past year we have highlighted some inspiring athletes. I’ve received some great feedback from new athletes that used this site to help out with their first tri. I want to help as many people as possible.

I’m planning the future for this blog and need some feedback. ┬áIf you are considering a triathlon, what are your biggest questions? If you are an experienced athlete, what were you issues starting out? Do you like motivational posts, or instructional posts? Any constructive comments would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you ans be well in the new year,

Shawn Buddenhagen