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Fantastic Finish Photo Friday



Do you have a finish or race photo that means a lot to you? Please consider sharing it to inspire others. I am seeking submissions for the Fantastic Finish Photo Friday feature.These are some of the most popular posts, and people really enjoy them. Thanks to all of the athletes who have already shared their story.

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We want to highlight your accomplishment to show others what is possible when you put in the training, and complete your goal. What may seem like a small accomplishment to you, may spark someone else to start their own journey. The superhuman performances of the pros are great, but the everyday athlete can’t relate. We want to hear about the athlete who completes a race while working full time and raising two kids. Or overcomes their fear of the water. Or gets off the couch and decides to take control of their own health. These are truly inspiring stories.

Please consider sharing. For the post, I just need the photo, and a short paragraph about what that photo means to you. If you would like to write more, please do. No need for full race reports. If you have one, I can gladly link to it.

If you are interested, please fill out the form below, or email

Thank you for your greatness



Workout Wednesday – Work Horse of Bike Fitness – Tempo

Happy Wednesday! Welcome to another edition of Workout Wednesday. Every Wednesday I will post a new Triathlon specific workout. If you like the workout, fit it into your training plan for the week. If you don’t like the workout you’re crazy, all of my workouts are brilliant pieces programming. (HAHA)

This week’s workout – Bike Tempo


In the past few weeks, we have covered cycling leg strengthpedaling mechanics, and cycling intervals. Now it’s time to pull together that strength and efficiency with tempo efforts. Tempo efforts are just long intervals. The key is to perform them at the correct intensity. Tempo intervals should be done at 80% effort, your breath and heart rate will be slightly elevated. At this work rate you are working just below your lactate threshold. Be careful not to exceed that 80% effort, as you will be entering the red zone, and working a different energy system.

Tempo workouts are in that sweet spot of training where you are working endurance and speed at the same time. These sessions simulate race effort, but at shorter intervals, so you don’t wreck your legs. Remember, effective training sessions should be done hard enough to get benefits, but leave you able to do the next session. (Check your self, before you wreck yourself.)

Tempo work can be done indoors or outdoors. If riding outside, be sure to have enough road to complete your interval without stopping. Once you get your self in the correct zone, it is much easier to maintain than restart.

On to the workout. This workout is programmed for an athlete how has been riding for at least six months. Feel free to add or remove intervals to meet your goals.

Bike Tempo Work I

  • Warm up I – 10 min Easy
  • Warm up II – 3 X 1 min on/30 secs off
  • Tempo Effort I – 2 X 5 min @ 80% / 90 sec res
  • Easy Spin – 2 min
  • Tempo Effort II – 2 X 10 min @ 80% / 2 min rest
  • Easy Spin 2 min
  • Tempo Effort III – 5 min @ 80%
  • Cool down

Give it a go! If you use this interval in your training, please leave a comment, and let us know how it went.

Happy Training!

photo credit: Tom Gill. via photopin cc