Workout Wednesday – Bike Intervals

Welcome to the first edition of Workout Wednesday. Just as the name implies, I’ll post a triathlon specific workout every Wednesday. These workouts will be geared toward new triathletes. If you are a more advanced athlete you can scale the workout up, with more reps or intensity. I’ll try to keep things interesting with workouts that provide the most benefit for your time.

Let’s get to it:

Bike trainer

Cycling Intervals

Bike intervals are the best bang for your buck workouts for gaining cycling fitness. For best results each interval should be performed with intensity. Work hard on the intervals and recover as much as possible on the rests.  I recommend doing this workout on a spin bike or trainer with a fan blowing in your face. Also, crank up some music that gets you pumped up.

Here’s the workout:

  • SET 1 – 3 X 1 MIN HARD/ 1 MIN EASY
  • SET 2 – 3 X 2 MIN HARD/ 1 MIN EASY
  • SET 3 – 3 X 1 MIN HARD/ 1 MIN EASY
  • 5 – 10 MIN COOL DOWN

Workout time –  ~ 31 minutes

Perform each hard interval with intensity. Use the rest to bring down your heart rate, and flush out your legs. If you need an extra minute or two between sets, take it. On the trainer or spin bike set the tension so you are working hard, but keeping your RPMS in the 80-100 range.


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