Monday Mantra – I am an Athlete

Happy Monday! We all could use a bit of motivation to get rolling on Monday. On Mondays, I like to share a Mantra or short inspirational message. If the message resonates with you, use to motivate yourself in training or life. Do you have your own awesome Mantra? Please share it below in the comments

This week’s Mantra –


“I am an Athlete”

Wheel Chair Athlete

How many of us consider ourselves athletes? I hear people say “I’m not athletic”, or “There isn’t an athletic bone in my body.”  If you are training and racing you are an athlete. There is a mental shift, when you consider yourself an athlete. Your thoughts and actions change when you decide you are an athlete.

Athletes aren’t just those people you see on TV, or the fastest kid at school. An athlete is someone who is constantly seeking to improve their physical ability. Athletes show up and put in the work. Athletes make the commitment to improve themselves. Athletes fight through the tunnel of discomfort, because great rewards are at the other end. The difference between you and the professional athlete is athletic level. Both you and the Pro are seeking to constantly improve and be the best athlete you can be.

So, now its time for you to call yourself as an athlete. Go put in the work, keep improving, and be the best athlete you can be!


photo credit: via photopin cc

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