2:22:57……First Triathlon done

Knitting Nedjmi taking on her fears, and finishing her first triathlon. Very inspiring.

First Steps the Hardest

Jersey Girl Finish Jersey Girl Finish

My First Triathlon:  2:22:57

Not sure where to begin this story. Yesterday I completed my first (and I vowed) my last triathlon. I was not a happy camper to be coming in near the end. I know that the time shouldn’t have been my priority but I was bummed out. Any way that’s not the beginning.

Thanks to the encouragement of my Brick City Masterswim pals, at the beginning of this year I signed up for Jersey Girl and Iron Girl. And in the spring I began training sans the bike because I didn’t own one. I think I bought my bike in the end of May. I was so fearful of the bike that it took weeks to get on it. It’s a hybrid and lighter than the mountain bike I had borrowed. Riding is not my favorite activity by far.

So, to yesterday. The…

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One thought on “2:22:57……First Triathlon done”

  1. Congrats on your first TRI completion. I know you vowed it to be your last but never give up. It will only get better. Keep on TRI-ing. Cheers all the way from Singapore!


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