Father’s Day Gifts for the Triathlon Dad



For those dads that are fans of the triathlon events, there are plenty of gifts that one can purchase for their fathers who are dedicated Ironmen participants. Since a triathlon is broke up into three events, this means that you have a choice of three separate areas to choose from that is sure to be a hit for dad.  If you have a few siblings that don’t know what to get dad on his special day, designate the one category to them.

Swimming Gifts
swimming cap
If you’re planning on getting swimsuits for your triathlete father, make sure to stick to a budget when buying them. No matter what the cost, the chlorinated pools that triathletes practice in can eat away at swimsuits easily. The best thing to do is to buy 2 or 3 less expensive swimsuits that are still high quality.

One can also create a gift package of aquatic…

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