Motivation Monday – Teddy Roosevelt an IM?

Happy President’s day Monday! Let’s do this! We all could use a bit of motivation to get rolling on Monday. On Mondays, I like to share a Mantra or short inspirational message. If the message resonates with you, use to motivate yourself in training or life. Do you have your own awesome Mantra? Please share it below in the comments.

Rooselvelt Tri guy

It’s hard to fail, but it is worse never to have started –

T. Roosevelt

I sure Teddy Roosevelt would have been an Ironman, if the races existed in his time. He was a true hard man. As a child he was sickly from asthma, and instead of accepting his fate, he trained to get stronger. He eventually became very physically fit, and a celebrated boxer. His physical accomplishments were made from pure power of will as he was not physically gifted.

What I admire most about TR is his tenacity and fearlessness. When TR decided he was going to accomplish a goal, he went after 100%, and no man could deny him. That same will is required to take on big challenges like IM.


2 thoughts on “Motivation Monday – Teddy Roosevelt an IM?”

  1. My saying, not sure if it’s a mantra, is “Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will.” I’m trying not to let that sneaky fear thing creep in as it does, especially right before a big race (5 weeks). Yes, I’m afraid of failure, but I certainly haven’t let it stop me, and I certainly will not ever let it in the future.

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  2. Love the picture 🙂 Maybe you could get one with him mounted a horse and replace the horse with a bike. I’ve read Morning’s on Horseback and River of Doubt (both about Teddy Roosevelt and he was a truly inspiring man.


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