Fantastic Finish Photo Friday – First Triathlon, an Ironman? No Problem.

Welcome to another edition of Fantastic Finish Photo Friday. We want to bask in the awesomeness of your finish photos. A finish photo captures a moment in time, where you overcame the challenges of the race and training, and reached your goal. The feeling of elation as you cross the line is what keeps us pushing our own limits. Please consider sharing your own photo to inspire others who are working toward their own finish.

This week’s Fantastic Finish Photo is from Richie Gardiner:




If you going to do something, do it big right? That’s just what Richie did. For his first triathlon, he decided to skip the other distances and go straight to Ironman Wales. He also put up a very respectable time of 10:41. I don’t think everyone should start with a Ironman like Richie, but he is exemplifying the spirit of get out there and try something new and exciting, and see what happens. Congrats Richie, you are an inspiration.

Richie’s Recap:

The challenge

Ironman Wales –

The preparation

32 years running….

12 months swimming….

5 months riding….

6 weeks open water swimming in a suit!……

The result;


10th in age category




1.05 swim

6.12 ride

3.19 marathon

The reality;

After a very late in the day block of training (av 22 hours a week for three months) mainly blind, no sessions (not even brick sessions!) just time on the disciplines.  The last days were spent discovering new words like “running belt” “body Glide” and “your bike is not road safe!” seriously! which genuinely illustrated just how little I knew about my new sport

The verdict;

A pleasing result! I nailed the swim (somehow) conditions were apparently by far the worst ever seen at this event, however my mind-set was such that I did not worry about the conditions or the water temperature.  My ride was ok (excellent in many people’s eyes) as my desire to ride a sub 6.30 was ambitious to say the least from my new club mates, but………. With only 5 months bike time, it was apparent that I completed the event with my running legs, which left me no legs (relatively speaking of course) for the marathon.

The most difficult aspects of the event was riding being overtaken for virtually the whole 6 hours, trying to stay positive, whilst riding up hills in a low gear out of the saddle, puffing panting whilst riders on “machines” passed me sat down with the greatest of ease!  I knew that I was overcooking the ride whilst dropping through the filed knowing the pain that was to follow…….

The Irony!

Accumulation of the disciplines aside, the only event to hurt me to cause me all manner of mental and physical anguish and the only aspect that could put me off in the future was of course the marathon!

The outcome….

I have to go back to Ironman Wales? Surely?


Do you have a photo you would like to share? Don’t be shy, send it to, Please add a quick paragraph of what the photo means to you. Please share and be an inspiration to others.


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