Sprint triathlons are not scary

Great first time race report, including some great tips.

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tri photosYesterday I learned that sprint triathlons are not scary.

Sunday, I finished my first triathlon. I completed my first half-marathon in 2011 and my second in 2013. The result? Knees and hips like an 80-year-old; I was done. For recovery, I started cross-training by cycling and swimming. Naturally, the next step was a triathlon. I think i might be hooked.

Previously, I wrote that I had more questions than answers related to sprint triathlons, which involve a 1/4 mile swim, 10 mile bike and 3.1 mile run. Today, I have the answers.

Am I wet the entire race?

I’m guilty of having a freak out moment when I stepped out of the pool, dripping wet, and into the low 50 degree temperatures to run to my bike, but as soon as I got into the transition area, I got tough. I dried off my legs and feet and opted to wear…

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